Jul 25, 2023

Celebrate Your Community Your Way with Twitch’s Alerts

UPDATE - We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to announce that your most requested feature, Channel Point alerts, are live today!

We’ve also launched other bug fixes and upgrades including Hype Chat alerts which help you and your community recognize when Hype Chats are sent and amp up the hype even more.

Remember, there is no need to switch over all your alerts to try out any of Twitch’s. Our alerts play co-op with anything you have set up already. Head over to your Creator Dashboard now to set up Alerts before your next stream.

Alerts are a powerful part of the Twitch streamer’s kit. They’re a great way to express your personality or sense of humor, and they’re also one of your best tools for recognizing support from your community. Plus, we’ve seen that when streamers set up Alerts for subs, Bits donations, or other supportive interactions, their community members feel more excited (and rewarded) about doing them. In short: Alerts can help grow your brand, your engagement, your income, and your meme potential.

To bring these benefits to even more streamers, we’re adding Alerts functionality directly to your Creator Dashboard.

For starters, you’ll be able to assign Alerts for essential interactions like subs and follows, but we’re also introducing new Alerts that are totally unique to Twitch such as Interactive Resubs and Celebrations. Integrating directly in your Activity Feed, Twitch’s Alerts are designed with safety and ease of use in mind, allowing you to easily replay, skip, or deactivate Alerts on the fly. Our Alerts also play nicely with your existing Alerts setup if you have one, and can be used together so it is easy to try out these new features. Additionally, if you’re the type who enjoys diving in and tinkering around until things are precisely how you want them, good news: in-dash Alerts are fully customizable.

And best of all, they’re available right now. So head over to your Creator Dashboard and set up Alerts before your next stream. It’s now easier than ever to assign Alerts for those can’t-miss community moments, while building up your channel in a way that reflects who you are.

New Alerts for more of your favorite occasions

From Sub goals to Raids, we think if it’s hype-worthy, it’s Alert-worthy. Here are alerts we built to make those moments more exciting that you can now set up quickly right from your dashboard.

  • Interactive Resubs: When a viewer resubscribes to your channel, now, they’ll be able to tell everyone about it with an Alert they get to customize. Available only through Twitch, this is the first time streamers can give viewers a choice of how they are recognized. Streamers can set up five different visual and audio options, or use the Twitch provided defaults, for a viewer to choose from when they resub. Sub streaks have never looked (or sounded) so good. Note: We want to help make sure any audio options won’t put you at risk for violations. So all uploaded audio will be scanned for copyright compliance ahead of time, and for compliance with the Twitch Community Guidelines, to minimize any misuse.
  • Hype Train: Configure alerts for when Hype Trains begin, reach a new level, reach a certain specified level, or exceed the channel’s previous all-time record.
  • Goals: Set up alerts for when a follow or sub goal is started or completed, and celebrate in an extra big way when your community comes together to achieve your goals.
  • Raids by a specific streamer: Create different alerts for when you are raided, or when you are raided by certain streamers like your Stream Team or a familiar friend.
  • Twitch’s Charity Tool: Activate alerts for when your community members contribute toward a fundraising goal or help you achieve a certain support milestone

Plus, a whole new way to celebrate

Some moments are so special, or so one-of-a-kind, that we want you and your community to be able to celebrate them appropriately. Now, you can add Twitch’s unique Celebrations effects to any Alert to make it truly memorable.

  • Celebrations: From smashing a charity goal to completing a subathon, sometimes you just gotta go big. Celebrations are Alerts with special animations that can make it rain emotes or shoot off emote-filled fireworks across your entire channel page, including the video player, description area, and chat. Celebrations pull in your channel’s tier 1 sub emotes, so you know they’ll match your vibe.

All-in-one Alerts management

Big expressions shouldn’t require big admin work. With Twitch’s Alerts, we’re including features like bulk editing, Alert set management, and a customizable HTML and CSS editor to help you achieve the exact vibe you’re going for. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know what those acronyms mean to set up Twitch’s Alerts. But the options are there, if you’re so inclined. And we know a lot of you are.

As with all of our launches, your feedback helps us make the best tools for you. Check out Twitch’s Alerts in your Creator Dashboard and let us know your thoughts at the Alert’s UserVoice here.

Our goal is to give you the tools to express yourself. Alerts are a sandbox for you to show off what you and your community are about, and we hope you’ll use them in ways we’ve never seen. Until next time, happy alerting!

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