Aug 9, 2017 - By Brian

Announcing TwitchCon 2017 sessions, Dev Day, and so much more

We promised there’d be plenty to do this year at TwitchCon 2017, and with this mega-blog, we’re ready to prove it. Read on for TONS of news about TwitchCon panels, our first ever Developer Day, the Tiltify Charity Plaza, and a massive $500,000 H1Z1 tournament.

TwitchCon 2017 Sessions

When we put out our TwitchCon Call for Content back in May, we knew you wouldn’t disappoint us with your panel ideas. After looking through many, many entries, we’re happy to reveal the final list of 80 sessions that made the cut.

Whether you’re here to learn how your fellow streamers found success on Twitch, how to strengthen your brand, or how to determine the right balance between streaming quantity and quality, we have something perfect for you. Sessions are broken down into various categories including gaming, education, partners, and affiliates, and attendees can sort and search by category on the website.

Check out the full list of Sessions and start planning out your TwitchCon schedule today!

Developer Day

Twitch is now a platform upon which developers and game creators can build their businesses. To celebrate the occasion, we’re hosting Developer Day, a one-day event on October 19, immediately before TwitchCon 2017.

Developer Day is designed to educate attendees about the Twitch Developer Platform, the latest dev tools and features, and to allow developers to learn from each other. Products and initiatives to be discussed include the Twitch API, Twitch Identity, Drops, Twitch Games Commerce, and more.

We will host an invite-only keynote, sessions, and a reception on October 19th at the Renaissance hotel. Don’t worry; it’s within walking distance from TwitchCon. Developer Day will be livestreamed on For more information, including how to attend, visit

Charity Plaza presented by Tiltify

The Charity Plaza Presented by Tiltify will feature the return of the Charity Team Decathlon.

This event will benefit 10 selected charities (Doctors Without Borders, Stack-Up, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Direct Relief, GameChanger, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Extra Life, Save the Children, Young Survival Coalition, and American Red Cross) and kicks off Friday, October 20 at 1:00 pm PT.

Throughout each day of TwitchCon, teams will compete in various video game, art, and food competitions to earn points for their charities. The highest-scoring team will receive the largest slice of the donation pot for their assigned charity, as well as the title of Tiltify Charity Decathlon Champion. All other teams will divvy up the remaining donation sum, guaranteeing all charities receive winnings. Watch it all live on

Quest for the Cause (live now)

Quest for the Cause is an annual grassroots charity event that gathers together broadcasters from all corners of Twitch to raise money for the charitable cause for that year. Since 2012, Q4TC has raised over $250,000 for various charities.

Starting on August 4th (we’re already live!) and running through August 13 on, come join over 60 of your favorite Twitch personalities and musicians for over 10 days of non-stop charitable content as they look to raise over $100,000 this year!

Cheering with Bits at PAX West

Twitch will also add to the fundraising pool by enabling Cheering with Bits on the PAX West main stage stream from September 1–4. For every 100 Bits Cheered during PAX West on, Twitch will donate $1 toward the TwitchCon Charity Decathlon Pool.

For more information on the Charity Plaza, please visit the Tiltify blog.

H1Z1 Invitational

The H1Z1 Invitational is coming to TwitchCon 2017 with three different tournaments and a massive $500,000 prize pool on the line.

If you’ve got the skills, some of that money could be yours…

The H1Z1 Road to TwitchCon passes through Gamescom in August, as well as PAX West and Tokyo Game Show in September. But come October, you can catch the following three competitions live at TwitchCon in Long Beach.

  • Challengers (starts Oct 20): Friday and Saturday TwitchCon attendees, this could be your time to shine. The top 60 players who make it through the Challenger H1Z1 qualifiers will advance to the finals on Sunday, with $50,000 at stake.

  • All-Stars (Oct 21): 60 H1Z1 and Twitch personalities, including CDNThe3rd, ANGRYPUG, and Cizzorz, face off in a kill-or-be-killed series of three matches with $200,000 on the line.

  • Legends (Oct 22): 60 H1Z1 players fight in the Legends Tournament across three matches with $250,000 up for grabs.

If you can’t make it to TwitchCon, you can catch all the H1Z1 Invitational matches live at Check out H1Z1’s site for full details.

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