Sep 16, 2016 - By Evan Freitas

TwitchCon: The Party will kick off with the HP OMEN Challenge

What’s better than watching Twitch streamers competing for glory, fame, and bragging rights? If you said ‘watching them compete while suffering through brutal challenges in specially designed torture chambers’, then you’ve got a pretty twisted mind. You’d also be totally right.

On the night of 10/1, Twitch is taking over Petco Park for TwitchCon: The Party, our biggest celebration ever. T-Pain, Darude, and a special mystery headliner will be performing live, but it all starts with the HP ‘Heroes of the Storm’ OMEN Challenge. Doors open at 5:30pm PDT.

If you’re not familiar with the OMEN Challenges, this is how it’ll go down. Four teams of Twitch streamers will go head to head in Heroes of the Storm using brand new Omen X Desktop machines. They’ll battle not just each other, but whatever mysterious challenges await them inside their torture chambers. And the best part of all? Twitch Chat will vote on who gets tortured, live. Here’s what happened at the last OMEN Challenge…

If you can’t make the party in person (boo!) you can watch live and vote on who gets tortured at

A special event like this needs a very special lineup of competitors, and our challengers are some of the best and most popular on Twitch.

White Wolves: Voyboy, Reynad27, Soma, KittyPlaysGames, FuturemanGaming

Purple Panthers: JoshOG, TrumpSC, Bajheera, lolRenaynay, DansGaming

Blue Badgers: Seltzer, GoldGlove, itsHafu, Brotatoe, GiantWaffle

Red Roosters: MaximusBlack, FemSteph, BMKibler, VernNotice, Sevadus

Stay tuned for more details on TwitchCon: The Party in the coming weeks leading up to TwitchCon. Still need a TwitchCon badge and party ticket? They’re still available at, don’t miss out!

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