Sep 8, 2016 - By Brooke Van Dusen

Win a free trip to San Diego with the Road to TwitchCon Streamline Tournament

Twitch and Proletariat today are teaming up to throw the Road to TwitchCon tournament — a month long event of Streamline gameplay culminating in a $10,000 grand prize final at TwitchCon!

The tournament kicks off Monday September 12th, with a 5 day qualifier where 5 lucky players will win a free trip to TwitchCon to participate live in the Grand Finale. The contest is open to legal citizens of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) with full contest rules here.

For a chance to play and win, sign up at and tune into any of the qualifying streams:

One of the premier Stream First games set for release in 2016, Streamline, by Boston-based developer Proletariat, is a third-person multiplayer action game that pits streamers against their viewers in various bright, urban arenas with ever-changing rules and stage conditions voted on by the spectators. In the game’s flagship Elimination mode, streamers and up to 15 other players engage in a fast-paced match of cat and mouse. In this mode, Runners must score as many points as possible by collecting orbs, stealing them from other players, and earning bonuses for performance-based achievements — all while avoiding being eliminated by the lone Hunter.

Even if not picked to play, viewers will still have a direct impact on the game. Using a browser-based controller called Streamote, viewers can ratchet up the pressure by voting for or deploying rule changes, including turning the ground into lava, making the players move slowly, and dozens more. Spectators can also place bets on which Runner will emerge victorious and even play bingo against other viewers based on in-game events.

Head over to to sign up and for more information. See you in the arena!

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